It is vital for retailers to structure the point of sale to assist customers in locating the products they need with ease, below we consider how and why tech can improve store layout and the positive effects this can have.

Tony Nunan, Managing Director at shopper research agency Visuality, say that “if a time-poor customer can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s increasingly likely they will leave rather than look for someone to ask for assistance.”

The market these days is highly competitive, and therefore product visibility should be at the top of any retailer’s priorities. Nunan argues that “in an age of increased competition, shop layout, product visibility and an efficient shopping environment are fundamental to every retailer’s success.”

Eye-tracking technology allows retailers to plan their store layout to be aesthetically pleasing and also easy to navigate, both of which will help ensure future repeat visits and also more cost per spend for every type of shopper.

The technology can help retailers understand how customers are approaching a store layout. And also give valuable insights into the ways shoppers react to signs and also points of sale.

“Investing in even small-scale research using these sorts of techniques can help avoid costly mistakes or, even better, help optimise good ideas for the real store environment,” says Nunan.

Cathy McCabe – Chief Information Officer at Jaeger presented an insightful webinar for us earlier in the year, specifically looking at technology and the customer experience.  Click below to watch the presentation:

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