You don’t need us to tell you that the retail industry is constantly changing. With these changes come fresh challenges such as:

  • Emerging technologies to navigate (artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things)
  • Understanding your customer journey in an omnichannel environment
  • Sifting through huge amounts of customer data you have available to identify what’s most valuable
  • How to survive (and thrive) the on-demand revolution

These are just a few of the key challenges and priorities our senior candidates are currently being hired to take the lead on. You need the best leadership teams to rise to these challenges and beyond.

Using innovative, online strategies that allow us to hunt down active jobseekers, as well as nurture relationships with the best passive talent, we’ve developed an 8-step systematised process that engages, assesses and acquires the highest performing Digital & Technology Leaders for our customers and results in your preferred candidate from the top 15% of candidates in the market being hired.

Our 8-step process will…


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