Job applicant having interview. Handshake while job interviewing Working in retail is for those who can work in an extremely fast-paced environment, and therefore requires competent leaders to ensure customers are served properly (and effectively), as well as ensuring the sales team are hitting all of their targets. Generally, in retail, the management team are the ones with full-time vacancies. Retail customer service staff tend to be flexible workers, and therefore the management team will be working longer hours, and have more commitment than the rest of the team.

Our experts share their hottest tips on how you can fully prepare for your assistant retail management interview and let the interviewer know that you’re ready for the challenge.

Plan ahead – Be on time!

You should never turn up to an interview late; there is no excuse. If the interview is at a store location that you’re not familiar with, make sure to do a test run a few days beforehand to test how long it’ll take to get there and how much time you need to allocate yourself.

Dress the part

Your personal appearance is one of the first things that your interviewer is going to notice. You should be dressing for those you’ll be surrounded by on a daily basis at work. You’ll be interviewed most likely by a store manager, HR manager or a regional manager. You should make sure to dress amongst those people professionally.

Research the company!

It’s an interview crime if you turn up and don’t know anything about the business that you’re interviewing for. It’s likely that the interviewer will want to know what you know about the business and why you specifically want to work for them. You need to have a substantial and believable answer to this question, as a point of make or break during the interview. When researching, you shouldn’t just read the company website. The website will have the most basic information, but as you start researching the company further afield, you’ll find out more facts that your competition may not have necessarily read up on.

Focus on them

The interviewer will want to know what YOU can do for THEM. It’s important for them to know about you, your skills and your experiences, but you should always revert your answer back to them, the job specification and why you’re interested in the position or going to be the right assistant manager for the position.

Be equipped and prepared

Plan the night before your interview to leave out any last minute rush. A clear head will allow you think properly about what you might need during your interview. We always suggest taking a couple of copies of your CV, along with a pen and diary. This shows respect for the interviewer, so that if they need a copy of your CV, you have one available and that you’ve thought of them beforehand. Jotting down notes throughout the interview is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it shows that you’re a self-reliant individual and what’s generally expected of an assistant manager.

Think about what you want to ask

The types of questions that you ask will show how much research you’ve done into the company. If you’re asking general questions that can be found on the company website, it’s clear that you’re not really interested or haven’t done your research. Come up with intelligent questions that are going to set you apart from your competition and questions that are also going to stimulate further conversation.

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