Customer Journey e-shopping concept with text - Customer Journey With digital retail solutions so close to our fingertips, it’s a rarity that consumers are relying on a company’s customer support team to help solve problems. Recent years have seen a shift away from the traditional customer-agent interaction model, toward a much more digital savvy and online experience. Consumers can now experience the whole retail experience without even entering the store and can access store features in so many other places other than walking into the store, or even just onto their website.

Research and data go to show that currently, the majority of customers will prefer to self-serve themselves first before asking a member of staff. The transition from customer-agent to digital isn’t a smooth one, and retailers will face several challenges along the way. Challenges at a time when they still have to keep their customers happy too, a tough one. So, how can companies prepare themselves better for a successful digital customer journey?

Create a uniform omnichannel customer experience

A seamless experience across multichannel is necessary to please your digital consumers. Digital consumers will visit your store in a multiple number of ways, across multiple devices. The store should interact easily across all channels and platforms and integrate effortlessly. As customers do prefer to serve themselves first, your channels should be offering them extremely easy and accessible ways of doing so first. An FAQ page will help consumers who don’t want to call up and wait for ages in a call queue and also divert some of your callers back to the website too, freeing up your agents some time and getting through more successful calls.

Connect Disparate Data for Analytics

Making the customer journey as tailored as it possibly can has never been easier. You must, however, have data-driven experts on your retail team to pick up these analytics and to implement what’s needed for a full digital customised experience. Keep on top of retail trends and analytics with experts in the area and always be one of the first to implement key trends that are going to win new business for your store.

Real-time Decision-Making Capabilities

60% of consumers have an expectation of customer service higher than ever before, therefore, by the time that they reach a representative the chances are that they’ve already done everything in their power to try and solve the issue themselves. Customer service teams need a solution with real-time analytics and routeing capabilities. Being able to monitor customer activity and history will allow the service team to redirect the call to the right representative much quicker so that the best-suited member can handle their individual needs.

Retailers will continue to shape-shift with the digital evolution because customer value is still key for businesses.

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