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Having recruited in fashion & beauty retail for over eleven years’ now, I’m still amazed by how many companies use generic job descriptions with redundant and pointless requirements like ‘minimum 5 years’ experience required’, and detailing a list of often dry sounding responsibilities.  What I find even more surprising is that said companies, and recruitment agency partners they engage simply copy and paste these documents on to a job board, and hope they will attract that superstar candidate who’s going to solve all their problems.

I’m going to be blunt.  This kind of recruitment activity is a waste of time.  That superstar area manager you’re after does not apply for jobs in the same way as an average job seeker.  They’re not simply motivated by salary increase and bonus structure; rather it’s opportunity and career enhancement that they’re motivated by.  What’s more, they probably haven’t got 5 years’ experience in a similar role; they might only have two and a half; in any case, it’s irrelevant.

Here at Rhembo, we’ve been working with our current clients to help them recruit the top 20% of talent in the market.  They tell us they want us to recruit those people they find hard to recruit themselves.  The vast majority of these candidates are not active jobseekers. They are those people happily employed in a job, achieving great results.  They’re earning good money, and they’re performing, so why would they leave a job they love, and are successful at?   One of the first things we do with our fashion and beauty retail clients is to (almost literally) tear up the job description, and replace the list of duties and experience required with a list of results that the successful candidate will be required to achieve in the first 12 months.  We ask HR/Resourcing professionals and Hiring Managers about the biggest problem they want their ideal candidate to solve.  The questions we ask opens up the job description to become Performance Profile, highlighting tangible results which uncovers the opportunity in the live job.  Because your ideal candidate (in the top 20% of high performers in the market) is more likely motivated by opportunity and challenge, the Performance Profile becomes a key tool for us to engage, attract and ultimately recruit this person, and allows us to communicate with them in their language.  Traditional job descriptions and generic job adverts, at best, recruit the best person who applies for the job, and at worse, recruit the wrong person completely.

The Performance Profile is just one of the steps in our 8 step High Performance Hiring Blueprint.

To discuss how it could potentially benefit your own recruitment process, click below to download the Blueprint.






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